NEXcell Rechargeable Li-ion CR-V3 Battery (RCR-V3) & Charger Kit
Model #: LC10-RCRV3-1-P
Technical Specification
Cell Chemistry Li-ion Voltage (V) 3.3
Capacity (mAh) 1200 Battery Wt (gm) 41
Charger Wt (gm) 160 Warranty 1 Year
AC Input Voltage Switching Power Supply 100V ~ 240V, 50Hz ~ 60Hz

The RCR-V3 Kit comes complete with one charger and one battery and will get you started with 3 volts cameras that can accept disposable Li-MnO2 CR-V3 batteries. For the digital camera designed with 6V or 4 AA size batteries, users may adapt two rechargeable CR-V3 batteries.

    •   High performance rechargeable Li-ion technology with no memory effects.
    •   Protection circuits to ensure safe operations.
    •   Replaces disposable Li-MnO2 CR-V3 batteries.
    •   Comparable with CR-V3, LB-01, and DLCR-V3, Offers equivalent shots than high capacity AA Ni-MH batteries.
    •   Retains 90% of its charge after 4 weeks shelf time.
    •   Fast flash recharging time as Ni-MH batteries but faster than Li-MnO2 CR-V3 and Alkaline batteries

(Shots based on 600mA 3 seconds/ 300mA 3 seconds) Li-ion CR-V3 Rechargeable Li-MnO2 CR-V3 Disposable Ni-MH AA x 2 Rechargeable Digital Camera TypeAlkaline AA x 2 Disposable
Charge/Discharge Cycles 600 ~ 800 Non-rechargeable 500 ~ 1000 Non-rechargeable
Capacity (mAh) 1200 - 2200 -
Ave. Cost per Shot $0.0003 $0.0138 $0.00015 $0.05
Charge Retaining after 4 weeks at RT 90% Non-rechargeable 85% Non-rechargeable
Shots per Charge 1700 Shots 1000 Shots 2200 Shots 1220 Shots
Memory Effects No N / A No N/A
Weight 43g 38g 57g 49g
Type: RCR-V3 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Model: RCR-V3
Nominal Vlotage: DC 3.0+/-0.5V
Rate Capacity: Typical 1200mAh measured under standard charging/discharging condition
Standard Charging: DC 4.2V, 600mA
Standard Discharging: 2000 mA (max.)
End Discharge Voltage: 2.75V
Temperature and Humidity: 0~45≧, 45~85% RH (standard charging)
-20~60≧, 45~85% RH (standard discharging)
Cycle Life: >500 cycle under standard charging/discharging
Battery packs have protect circuit inside, to prevent the over charging and discharging.
B. The Charger for RCR-V3 Battery
Type: RCR-V3 Battery Charger
Model: CH-RCR-V3
Input : 100 - 240 VAC (Adaptor)
12.0 C 13.5VDC (Body)
Output : DC12V, 600mA
Charging Time for Fully Charging : 3 Hours (90%)
C. Instruction
Please operate the product according to Instruction Manual.
Do not attempt to dismantle or modify this product.
Do not put this product into water or flame, or make it on short-circuit condition.
Do not mix-use this product with another brand or type batteries together.
Battery packs have protect circuit inside, to prevent the over charging and discharging.

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