Company introduction

Electrochem Automation Inc (EAI in abbreviation) was founded in 1984 in California, U.S.A. for providing battery testing instruments and production equipments. At that time EAI provides lithium and Nickel Metal Hydride battery technologies to various battery manufacturers.

In 1994, Electrochem Automation( Shanghai) Co., Ltd was established  to manufacture NEXcell® rechargeable batteries, battery packs, smart chargers, wind/ solar energy system to fulfill green world's needs. EAI knows rechargeable batteries and chargers and would provide total power solution.

With a spirit of continuous innovation, EAI R&D team devotes all efforts to developing advanced rechargeable batteries and chargers to lead the market.

From 2003, our products range covered Two-Way Radio Batteries, Electric Bicycle Batteries according to customers' demands.

In 2005, 2006, High temperature, Low temperature Ni-MH battery series, Low self discharge Ni-MH batteries were developed by our engineers, leading the market in this field.

With the increasing demands on lithium battery, NEXcell introduced lithium power system.

From 2010, more green, renewable power are developed in NEXcell, such as LED lights, wind/solar hybrid energy management system.

NEXcell products are applied for industrial, medical, military, consumer use and household electronics widely, as well as OEM applications. Most of our products are distributed to America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and Southeastern Asia market.


  • Supply Portable Green Power with Safety and Reliability

Company Strategies

1. BMS (Battery Manufacturing Service)
- Battery knowledge and technologies
- Free battery quality problem
- Complete manufacturing service
2. BMS (Battery Management System)
- Battery application technology service
- Total power solution

Operation Principle

  • System Management

  • Complete Process Control

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Continuous Improvement

Quality Management

Quality, the Priority. From raw materials to overall production process, we completely implement ISO 9001:2000 since early 2000. Every cell and every process is truly tested to assure the quality.

Latest News

Independent Renewable Electricity Supply System, through the wind/solar hybrid energy management system will come soon.  more info.

LED lights are developed for green power needs. More info.


Lithium power system was put into NEXcell products range, including Lithium-ion, Lithium Polymer, LiFePO4, controlling circuitry and chargersmore info.


NEXcell developed low self discharge, ready to use battery EnergyON: AA, AAA consumer & industrial low self discharge battery. Ready to use Ni-MH battery EnergyON® C 4500mAh, D 9000mAh and 9V 200mAh are available in early 2007 more info.


NEXcell High/ Low Temperature Battery was introduced. Low temperature Two Way Radio Battery available.

High-T battery

Low-T battery

NEXcell consumer battery AA 2700mAh, AAA 1000mAh was put into mass production. more info.

NEXcell introduced unique, smart, fast & battery protective 4-independent channel AA/AAA/9V charger. more info.

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