Industrial and Customized Chargers
Specialty Attachment Battery Charger
Designed for multi-cell battery pack
nexCPU controlled
AC100~240V input
Variety safety approval power supply
LED indicator
Ccharge       ~850mA
Ctrickle ~20mA
6 Channel Two-Way Radio Battery Charger
nexCPU controlled fully independent 6 channel
Reconditioning by built-in discharging function
Earphone testing available
Music enable/disable function
Water resistant
Desk/wall mount
Industrial 1A, 12V Charger
nexCPU controlled
Customized design for battery pack
LED indicator
AC 100-240V  inputs
12V battery charging
Charging current: 1000mA
Electric Bicycle Battery Charger
For 24V/36V/48V, other specified voltage Ni-MH, Lithium battery

nexCPU controlled

Multi step charging algorithm to ensure fully charging

AC 110V/220V inputs
LED indicator
Charging current: 2A/3A/4A
Multi-channel industrial charger

nexCPU controlled

2+2 independent channel, auto switch among 4 charging ports

AC 110V/220V inputs

13.2V NiMH battery

LED indicator


Ccharge     ~4.4A

Ctrickle           ~350mA

Smart battery charger, cycler, analyzer

Charge, discharge and cycle battery, battery pack

Analyze battery condition and Display through LED indicators

LCD display optional

Single up to 12 independent channels

Metal case, easy and safe operation

Various plugs with safety approval

More smart, customized chargers available upon request.
For more details, please contact

Latest News

Independent Renewable Electricity Supply System, through the wind/solar hybrid energy management system will come soon.  more info.

LED lights are developed for green power needs. More info.


Lithium power system was put into NEXcell products range, including Lithium-ion, Lithium Polymer, LiFePO4, controlling circuitry and chargersmore info.


NEXcell developed low self discharge, ready to use battery EnergyON: AA, AAA consumer & industrial low self discharge battery. Ready to use Ni-MH battery EnergyON® C 4500mAh, D 9000mAh and 9V 200mAh are available in early 2007 more info.


NEXcell High/ Low Temperature Battery was introduced. Low temperature Two Way Radio Battery available.

High-T battery

Low-T battery

NEXcell consumer battery AA 2700mAh, AAA 1000mAh was put into mass production. more info.

NEXcell introduced unique, smart, fast & battery protective 4-independent channel AA/AAA/9V charger. more info.

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